Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm not updating this blog often enough am I?

I helped Caleb, my brother in law, pick out a bike this weekend. We went to nearly every bike shop in town, but he liked the combination that the Specialized Hardrock offered. Dak at the Bicycle Shop cut him an awesome deal that he could not beat, so he is the proud owner of a Specialized. We cruised around the lakes after he bought it and went to Ninfa's afterward for some Fajita's. I hope Caleb likes biking as much as I do. I started off with an inexpensive bike just like he is and went from there. I've spent a small fortune on bikes and parts sense then.

It rained last night making the trails muddy, and rained again this afternoon making any kind of ride unlikely. I'll have to hope for good weather next week.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Clear Springs ride went well. Darius climbed like a monkey. I could keep him in sight most of the time. I think he let me though. We did about 16.5 miles. A pretty hard ride really. We went faster than the last time that I went with Erik. My knees didn't hurt hardly at all. Good ride. The girls did really well too. Sarah had to ride entirely in the middle ring. That's hard climbing. She had to stand to climb the worst hills, but did them. It was a little damp, but not muddy. Good ride. Little E did good for Grammy too.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thursdays ride went slowly.

Today I'm off. Work out at the Y, this and that, and the other. Washed the Sugar that Sarah rides, maybe work on the commuter, stop by Dirt Road Bikes.

Gonna ride Clear Springs tomorrow and Abita Springs on Sunday if Easton is okay with it. Maw in law is watching little E for the CS ride, but we are on our own for Abita.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ew, that hurt. It's not that I rode that far, but... Sorry it's boring to read old guys complaining about their ailments. I did ride about 35 miles today including the morning ride to work. The rest was on the way home through a nearby neighborhood.

The old XTR wheelset that I use on the commuter broke a spoke. I was just going around a corner street and heard a pop. I suspected it was a spoke when I didn't see anything in the road behind me. I thought I had some spokes, and I do, but I could not find them so I had to rob one off of an old wheel that had some baaaad bearings. Worked good at least for now. I'm no wheelsmith, so I guess some of the other spokes could start to break soon too.

Not that anyone is reading this, but I'll upload some pictures of the bike soon.
I'm ready for a early morning commute. I still need that new commuter, but until then, it's the Trek. I'll do some extra miles for y'all.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ah. It looks like it worked. Somehow had it saved, I just had to set up a template.
I wish I would have saved my last blog entry.
I'm just starting out at this blogging thing. I don't know if it will last though.

As much as I love to bike, it's hurting me. I've got to figure out how to keep it from doing that so I can do it more.

I need a new bike. I want a steel cross bike with fender eyelets to commute with. I've been doing it on an old Trek 6000 that has bonded lugs. That bike hurts my knees. My Ultimate doesn't do that, so I think it's the road bike geometry that may be better. I have an Epic and it doesn't hurt either.