Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ew, that hurt. It's not that I rode that far, but... Sorry it's boring to read old guys complaining about their ailments. I did ride about 35 miles today including the morning ride to work. The rest was on the way home through a nearby neighborhood.

The old XTR wheelset that I use on the commuter broke a spoke. I was just going around a corner street and heard a pop. I suspected it was a spoke when I didn't see anything in the road behind me. I thought I had some spokes, and I do, but I could not find them so I had to rob one off of an old wheel that had some baaaad bearings. Worked good at least for now. I'm no wheelsmith, so I guess some of the other spokes could start to break soon too.

Not that anyone is reading this, but I'll upload some pictures of the bike soon.


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